Cosmos SDK

The CyberTrees Ledger is a blockchain application operating on a proof-of-stake model, developed using the Cosmos SDK framework.

The terminologies and operational procedures employed in interacting with the CyberTrees Ledger are largely derived from the Cosmos SDK's established usage patterns and structural design.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the Cosmos SDK, including insights into creating an "application-specific blockchain", the Cosmos SDK Documentation serves as an excellent resource for detailed information.

CyberTrees Ledger

The CyberTrees Ledger is a comprehensive application binary designed to:

  1. Operate a fully functional node within a public proof-of-stake network.

  2. Provide an API server featuring both gRPC and REST interfaces, enabling users to query blockchain states and execute transactions.

  3. Offer a command-line interface for creating accounts and managing keys, as well as for querying blockchain states and conducting transactions.

Additionally, CyberTrees Ledger is equipped with two specialized modules that facilitate our targeted functions for ecosystem service credits and the verification of ecological data claims.

Ecocredit Module

The Ecocredit Module is CyberTrees' specialized component dedicated to overseeing the issuance, trading, and retirement of credits that are associated with verifiable improvements in ecosystem health.

Data Module

The Data Module functions in conjunction with the Ecocredit Module, facilitating the anchoring of ecological data. It plays a key role in certifying the authenticity of this anchored data and managing its registration to a resolver.

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